KS Group, a conglomerate comprising internationally acclaimed brands which are making a mark worldwide with a complete range of specialized services to cater to the diversified requirements of its clients. An International Turnkey Consultancy in Africa is how the organization commenced operations over a decade ago and went from one successful step to another. We, with our various verticals, try to touch the important sectors and provide the best possible solutions.

The assemblage has set a bold target of creating a niche for itself in international business by focusing on resource optimization through state of art and futuristic businesss solutions. It is proud to have earned the patronage from many African countries and strived to add many more to its customer base.

The African continent has some of the best investment opportunities currently available in the world. It possesses the largest amount of unexplored virgin lands in the world, just waiting to be cultivated. Our passion is a cornerstone of what we do and we commit our experience and expertise for its growth. We are a company contributing with pride and passion. Our roadmap starts with Africa which is ever lasting. We work towards raising the bars of development in the continent and highlighting its potentials.

Our mission dictates that our first and foremost priority is to chip in to the Africa’s growth and progress by utilizing the resources to the fullest and we assure to continue to do the same with our main resources of our dedication and enthusiasm. We believe our assets to be:

  •   Strong updated technical skill set
  •   Good management capabilities
  •   Consistent team
  •   Standard quality assurance
  •   Strong communication channel with Africa
  •   Service delivery
Group Companies

  • The best way to Monitor and Examine Your Waste operations with SEE-Live Advanced and Techy Waste Analytics Solution.

  • Indocorp is one of the leading Afro-Asian consultants in India. Indocorp aims to bring in the best of technologies in the agriculture sector to render maximum benefits.

  • Heal n Bliss is an organization providing healthcare solutions at affordable costs and facilitates services like diagnosis and treatment and take care of well being.

  • Ks Infosystems is playing a credible role of a competent solution provider for a complete set of automation solutions and Information Technology since year 2000.

  • LESDEP, a skill development foundation, works with the view that manpower if empowered with kills can fetch many benefits, both at personal as well as the social level.

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